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100 Ways to Lose Weight: Proven Methods From World Wide Experts (Valued at $5.99)
This book is for anyone who is short on time and desperate to lose those last few pounds but looking...
5 Best Practices for Business Performance in the Food Industry
Use the correct business analysis tools, in the right way, to help you increase profit opportunities...
5 Best Practices for Scoring Corporate Performance
Manage relevant variables and accomplish your organizational goals and objectives.
5 Easy Steps to Reduce Audit Fatigue
Use the 5 steps in this white paper to reduce auditing fatigue and improve overall audit quality for...
Build a Next-Generation Auditing Solution for Your Hospitality Business
Take a closer look at how you perform audits today, examine the latest techniques and technologies a...
Candy Industry
Covers the global confectionery chocolate and sweet snacks marketplace. Readers gain insight on the ...
Chefs and Head Cooks - Occupational Outlook
Chefs and head cooks oversee the daily food preparation at restaurants and other places where food i...
Controlled Environments
Covers everything from pure materials through protective packaging, from state-of-the-art facility c...
Creating a Culture of Quality in the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry
Find out how your organization can adopt a culture of quality and increase the bottom line.
Food Manufacturing
Presents news on the latest operational and technological advancements for the food and beverage pro...
Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East
With nearly 90% of Middle East states fully dependent on food imports, tremendous opportunity exists...
Food Safety Legislation and Regulation -- Ready? Or Not?
Learn how your company can manage its risk and reputation in this changing environment.
FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal
Facilitates technology transfer by providing readers the latest information and technologies on food...
Fresh Business Practices for Food & Beverage to Meet Today's Top 3 Issues
Are you a mid-sized food or beverage supplier struggling to keep your head above water? Download thi...
From Obligations to Opportunities: Building Your Next-Generation Auditing Solution
Learn the practical, proven solution for regulatory audits that opens the door to new business insig...
Guide to Revenue Management
By definition, hotel revenue management is a discipline that optimizes revenue by strategically mana...
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