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13th Annual Next Generation Interlog Conference
The Only Cross-Industry Event For The Aftermarket Supply Chain
3 Key Areas to Reduce Costs with Lean Techniques
Continuous process improvement is more critical than ever for manufacturers to become lean.
38 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a PDF Editor
If you're using a simple PDF reader program, you might be missing out on some super-charged function...
4 Fatal Flaws in Traditional Approaches to Customer Identity Resolution
This guide explains 4 flaws to avoid and exactly how they impact marketing effectiveness.
6 Ways to Supercharge Your Finance Team
Financial professionals spend a lot of time bogged down by inefficient processes and dispersed data,...
Business Results of Vendor Managed Inventory
Understanding the tangible business benefits achieved with a vendor managed inventory program.
Cost Considerations to Help Save on the Entire Embedded Force Sensor Investment
What's your strategy for sourcing embedded components, like force sensors?
Digital demand management: The new normal
As the digital revolution continues, a linear approach to supply chain planning is gradually giving ...
Digitizing the Extended Supply Chain: How to Survive and Thrive
The digital economy is upending all industries and processes, placing a premium on speed, customer s...
Do You Know When to Review Your Indirect Supply Base?
Be on the lookout for these 5 triggers.
Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Digital Appearance Technology In The Automotive Interior Supply Chain
High quality design and color harmony lend a competitive advantage in today's automotive industry. N...
How To Choose A Benefits Data Partner: A Comprehensive Guide
Learn how to evaluate vendors and make an informed decision in choosing a benefits partner.
How To Save Time and Money When Shopping for Supply Chain Management Software
Simplify your software evaluation process in one, quick and easy step.
How To Use Content To Reduce Purchasing Anxiety
Black Friday and Cyber Monday reached record online sales this year. Was your business left out in t...
IDC: The Extended Supply Chain
This IDC white paper discusses the various challenges facing the manufacturing supply chain.
Identity Graphs Demystified
How a Marketer Should Evaluate ID Solutions.
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