Breck's Flower Catalog

The free Breck’s gardening catalog features an amazing arrangement of colorful bulbs, flowers, and roses for fans everywhere. Their site carries a wide range of plants that bloom at different times of the year, which makes it easy for you to arrange for spectacular color in your yard during all four seasons. Check Breck’s for spring and summer bulbs that are tried and true, as well as for stunning blooming plants that are hard-to-find in other catalogs.

Breck’s has a great selection of perennials for the shade or for sunnier spots and they even carry drought and deer resistant plants for gardeners who live in areas where these issues are prevalent. Because Breck’s has a staff of Dutch bulb experts who ship directly from Holland throughout most of the year, the company has gained a solid reputation with experienced gardeners as a name that you can rely on to provide healthy bulbs that are ready for planting upon arrival. This full-service plant source also sells dormant plants and bare root roses for a magnificent display of hues and fragrances every single time that you step outside your door.