Wolferman's Gourmet Catalog

Wolferman’s provides a free catalog that carries all kinds of delicious baked goods, as well as a range of coffee and tea options to please any palate. Wolferman’s has been providing their customers with tasty morsels for over a hundred years, so they’re experts when it comes to making pastries, bagels, cookies, and cakes that are both beautiful to look at and delightful to eat. Their collection of muffins and breads will make it so tough to choose just one crumpet, scone, or loaf, you may decide to try one of each after you get a taste of a Wolferman’s delicacy.

Best of all, the company makes gift-giving fast and easy with its assortment of gourmet gifts that include baskets, boxes, and towers of delectable cookies, cakes, and sweet rolls. Wolferman’s is also known for its meats and entrees, which are made to ensure that every bite is a true culinary experience. Baking mixes and toppings and spreads are available here as well, making it easier than ever to look like a skilled pro in the kitchen. Shop for all your gourmet needs in the Wolferman’s free catalog!